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[OFCR] DrZipHello All, congratulations on 10/10m, hope you're all well!
Epic Kite:
Streamable - free video publishing
Check out this video on Streamable using your phone, tablet ...
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[OFCR] DrZip   (Except Dubious of course) <3
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[LEAD] SylentdethFresh is now 10/10m, Guldan has been killed!
Fresh vs [M] Gul'dan | 7/6/17
Nefs - Elemental Shaman:
[LEAD] Snowbaal   Where do you get your background music tracks from Mecc? Your UI is beautiful and video resolutions are sharper than my own screen in game. But oh my God, you pivot your camera left and right at almost the same frequency as your toon moves frantically left and right thruout the vid. Got a little motion sickness watching last phase.
[CORE] Mekka   The music in this video is the sound track from the original Black Temple sound track.

The A+D+A+D+A+D spam is out of boredem of the spec, too much downtime =(.
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