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WoW News
UPDATE: Our gnomes and goblins are putting the finishing touches on a few products for this year’s BlizzCon 2016 online merchandise sale, so it’s now scheduled to begin on October 12. Visit our sneak peek for more info, including a sneak...
Published Oct 7, 2016
Table of Contents New Transmogrification Collections System: Appearances Revamped PvP and Honor System Raids and Dungeons Quests and World Events Items and Itemization Character Changes Class C...
Published Sep 1, 2016
The BlizzCon Virtual Ticket is your portal to Blizzard’s epic gaming convention from home, but you can warp in another piece of the experience by snagging a BlizzCon 2016 “Goody Bag in a Box”—a crate full of Blizzard collectibles to comm...
Published Aug 28, 2016
Prepare to fight your last battles of the season—Warlords Season 3 will end at 2:00 a.m. PDT on July 19, 2016. After the season wraps, we will begin the process of determining eligibility for end-of-season rewards. If you believe that y...
Published Aug 25, 2016
New Warcraft Fan Art We have fourteen new pieces of fan artwork. Would you like to share your artistic talents with the community? Submit your fan art today! Light and Shadow by Jie-in Hyun (Angju) Legion by Ko...
Published Jul 29, 2016
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